Founded in 2017 by Sonya Neda Kaveh, MD, MS, Cherry Blossom Psychiatry serves children, adolescents and young adults in need of comprehensive, sensitive and individualized psychiatric care. Dr. Kaveh employs a personal and collaborative approach with each and every patient - this unique team approach, directed by Dr. Kaveh, helps children, teens, and their families address situations and challenges head on.

Dr. Kaveh regards herself as one of the many important members of a patient’s psychiatric care team helping in one’s journey toward mental wellness. In order to make this philosophy a reality, Dr. Kaveh ideally meets with the patient and both parents or caregivers to assess the patient’s needs and challenges. Furthermore, depending on the age and preference of the patient, Dr. Kaveh also meets with patients individually to appreciate the current situation.


The Cherry Blossom Psychiatry environment stresses patient comfort with initial evaluations incorporating open conversation and occasionally completing screening questionnaires. At the end of the appointment, Dr. Kaveh’s diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations are discussed. Treatment options may include medications.

Dr. Kaveh values meeting patients where they are and creating treatment options for patients, regardless of age, that complement their current situation. This allows the patient and their families to better cope with psychiatric illness and the emotional and behavioral issues that comprise many of these illnesses. Dr. Kaveh respects the role each patient can play in their treatment and thus, prefers not to dictate treatment plans. She often works closely with parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors or therapists, health providers and physicians in developing treatment strategies to ensure a successful outcome for the patient.

During subsequent follow-up appointments, Dr. Kaveh examines developments in the patient's life and changes in their symptoms. Depending on the patient's needs, brief therapy techniques can be utilized to target symptoms or discussions may center on medication changes, if appropriate. Dr. Kaveh does not provide stand-alone therapy, but instead offers brief therapy techniques in combination with medication management.

Early intervention can help children and adolescents live healthier lives. Don’t wait - contact us for your free initial phone conversation to discover if Cherry Blossom Psychiatry is the right fit for your child or teen.