Dr. Kaveh specializes in treating and managing medication for a variety of outpatient child and adolescent psychiatric concerns including:


Attachment disorder


Bipolar disorder

Childhood depression


Childhood anxiety

Childhood trauma

Disruptive behavior

Psychiatry Services

Psychotherapy Services

School avoidance

Sleep issues

Teen depression

Teen anxiety

What to Expect

We provide a free initial phone consultation before meeting with patients to ensure that the new partnership is a good fit for everyone. A part of the first assessment includes asking questions to determine if we can provide the level of care appropriate for the patient. Based on this initial discussion, we will either schedule an initial intake appointment or refer the patient to a higher level of care if needed.


Cherry Blossom Psychiatry is an out-of-network provider – this means we do not take insurance for visit payments. However, we will provide you with required documents to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement for the appointment cost. Please consult with your insurance company to see what psychiatric care services are covered.

Free Phone Consultation

Contact us for your free initial phone conversation to discover if Cherry Blossom Psychiatry is the right fit for your child or teen.